Hampton Roads’ Premier Boudoir Photographer

Transforming everyday women into sensual works of art.

Why Choose Bella Mitri Boudoir?


I customize every shoot by picking poses and outfits that flatter each individual woman.

Expert Posing Guidance

You don’t have to know a thing about posing. I’ll guide you every step of the way.

My Signature Lighting

Dark and moody boudoir

My lighting creates the mood, mystery, and allure like no other.

“Seriously speechless with the gallery. I cried. Thank you so much for these!”

— Mindy S.

Photographer / Artist

Charles Mitri

I provide women with a different perspective in which to see themselves — a more beautiful, sensual, desirable version that is often at odds with their own self-image.   

This changes how they feel about themselves in a profound way which can have a lasting positive effect in their lives.

In her twenties my sister had a photo shoot done on the beach in a bikini.

I can’t tell you how proud she was of those images and the impact they had on her confidence and how she viewed herself, despite struggling with weight her whole life.

As her health deteriorated, she always kept her favorite image from that shoot on her refrigerator door, giving her much pride and joy.

I saw first hand the impact a photo shoot like that can have in someone’s life and grateful to be able to provide that for women today.

Life is hectic and stressful, and women today face all kinds of challenges.

You’re either juggling a busy family life with kids and a job, navigating the stress and pressure of the working world, or perhaps just stuck in the rut of everyday life.

Boudoir is more than just taking “sexy” pictures.

It’s a journey of empowerment, self-confidence, and discovering who you are as a woman, both inside and out.


“Charles was so professional and is definitely a perfectionist, the pictures came out absolutely amazing.”

— Ashley B.

“I have worked with renowned photographers from all over the world; New York, Tokyo, Stockholm, but Charles Mitri has taken some of my favorite pictures of me.”

— Karin H.

“I’ve been looking at the images. So hard to choose!”

— Marie L.


“A must go if you want tasteful, deep, sensual photos taken.”

— Jiana L.

Hi Charles,

The photos are amazing! I’m very grateful for the experience to embrace my feminine side with this shoot. Seeing these photos are both sentimental and exhilarating for me. I can’t thank you enough! I look forward to sharing these on my social sites as well!

Warmest regards, Inaya Chanelle

Award-winning boudoir photographer

“Four or five weeks out I’m still riding a confidence high… I feel pretty badass.”

— Mindy S.


Best of Boudoir 2021
wppi silver award 2020
wppi third place award 2020