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10 Sexy Boudoir Outfits You Already Own

One of the excuses women give themselves for not booking a boudoir shoot is that they don’t have anything “sexy” to wear — or they think they need to buy expensive boudoir outfits from a lingerie store. 

Reality is, nothing could be further from the truth. 

If you think you need expensive name-brand lingerie for a boudoir shoot, then let me put your mind at ease.

Most women, if not all women, have at least three or more outfits from the list below that would be perfect for a boudoir shoot… without breaking the bank for high-end intimate apparel. 

However, beware! There’s one outfit that a certain type of woman should definitely stay away from, which I’ll explain why further down.

But first…

What are ten sexy outfits you already own that would be perfect for a boudoir shoot?

They are:

Your favorite bra and bottoms

A stretchy top

Comfy T-shirt

Your favorite pair of jeans

A tank top or cami

Mesh top or slip

Blouse or men’s dress shirt

Crop top

Kimono or slinky robe

Sexy pajamas

Okay, so there’s more than ten here but some items are so similar that I just grouped them together. Let’s now take a quick look at each one in more detail.

1.) Your Favorite Bra and Bottoms

Now, when I say “bottoms” I’m referring to any type of underwear from bloomers to G-string and everything in between… okay, maybe not bloomers (unless you’re into that vintage look) but let’s say from boy shorts to the barely-there variety of undergarments. 

Every woman has their favorites, whether a matching set or not, and are perfect for a casual lounging-around-the-bedroom look.

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2.) That Stretchy Top You Own

Any top that is stretchy enough to pull down off one shoulder (or both) for a sultry off-the-shoulder look. If you’re a fan of the movie Flashdance, this is where it all began. Thanks Jennifer Beals!

3.) One Of Your Comfy T-Shirts

Whether plain or designer, a well-worn and lived-in T-shirt will work with a variety of bottoms or your favorite pair of jeans. 

4.) Jeans (not your typical boudoir outfit)

Although not typically thought of as being part of boudoir attire, your favorite pair of jeans can work great at the start of your shoot. 

When telling a story with your images, you can begin fully dressed then work your way down to outfits that are more revealing. This progression works nicely when putting together a story for your album. 

A lot of times I like to start a session with the subject fully clothed in jeans and a T-shirt and capture some images of her slipping out of them and revealing a hint of more tantalizing intimate apparel underneath. 

This teases the viewer and creates anticipation and sexual tension, especially when put in an album with a progression of images that gets more revealing with each turn of the page. 

5.) Tank Top or Cami

I’m grouping these two together because they’re so similar in design with a tank top having wider straps than a cami’s spaghetti straps. 

Sporting a tank top or cami works well in the sequence of gradually revealing a bit more of yourself and they’re usually form fitting as well.

They’re also easy to slip off the shoulder like the stretchy top example earlier. 

Tank tops and camis are a nice transition because they feature a woman’s décolletage (I love using that word) or upper chest and neck area of a woman. 

In combination with your favorite bottoms, this outfit can be a forgotten slayer of boudoir outfits. 

A personal favorite of mine because it shows the woman isn’t trying too hard to be sexy. It looks and feels very natural and there’s a genuineness and authenticity to it that’s hard to beat. 

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6.) Mesh Top or Slip

Mesh tops are unique in two ways, first, the mesh provides a semi see-through look that teases the viewer, and second, the nature of the mesh adds a nice texture that works well with light and contrasts with the smoothness of your skin.

Anything mesh I love because it works in such a subtle way.

You can be staring at an image and not notice the see-through mesh and then all of a sudden  the image will surprise you with something you didn’t notice before. It reveals another layer to you.

Mesh adds sub-text to an image. It appears as one thing on the surface, but then allows you to see underneath that surface… and that’s interesting and surprising for the viewer. It hits you at two different levels.

Mesh robes or slips work especially well because the more something appears to be covered up… but then revealed, the bigger the impact it will have on you.

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7.) Blouse or Men’s Dress Shirt


Both these items work similarly but tell completely different stories.

A woman’s blouse and a man’s button down dress shirt add a backstory to your images, more so than any other articles of clothing I can think of. 

Getting images of you in a blouse, partially undressed, shows two sides of you at once. There’s the serious professional side, but also the sexy sensual side. It can say, “I’m this person to the outside world but underneath and in private, I’m this person.”  

That reveals more about you as a person and that’s what makes the image interesting. It hits you at two levels.

Men’s Dress Shirt

Wearing a man’s button down dress shirt can ignite a whole slew of scenarios. The viewer of the photo has to make up their own story of what’s going on in the image.They begin to ask themselves questions.

“Who’s shirt is that?”

“What is their relationship?”

“Is she married or is that her boyfriend’s shirt?”

“Is he there but just out of frame?”

“Is she alone but waiting for him to return?”

“Did he just leave?”

“Did she just have sex?”

What happened?!

Our minds run wild with the possibilities, so don’t underestimate the power of a man’s dress shirt.

8.) The Crop Top


Evolving out of beachwear from the 1930s and ‘40s, then gaining popularity again in the ‘80s from the aerobics craze, the crop top (or belly shirt) shows off your midriff. 

I believe this look works best for younger women than with more mature women and I use that word “mature” specifically because crop tops represent a young (less mature) mind set. 

It’s blatant seduction by use of the physical body at a time when a lot of younger women have not yet understood or harnessed seduction by use of their mind. 

That’s why when I see an older more mature woman wearing a crop top there’s a disconnect with me. It somehow looks off, something’s not in alignment. I guess it says, “girl” to me instead of “woman”. 

The crop top can work, but only with females up to the age of about 25 or so. I would not recommend it much beyond that. 

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9.) Kimono or Slinky Robe

Traditionally from Japan with its wide sleeves and ankle-length, today’s modern design kimono falls about mid-thigh. Fastened with a sash this “robe” offers lots of coverage when tied, but also a glimpse at what’s underneath when hanging open. Don’t have a kimono? — any slinky satiny robe will do.

The kimono or robe acts somewhat like mesh. If hanging partially open we get a glimpse at something we feel we’re not supposed to be seeing — and that’s sexy. It’s also subtle (unlike the crop top). 

It’s seduction with style, in my opinion. 

And like the tank top/cami combo, it’s not trying too hard. The woman is beautiful and sexy in an elegant understated way. 

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10.) Sexy Pajamas

Okay, I’m talking about the satiny silky kind, not the kind with built-in feet and Elsa from Frozen printed on them.

The ones for summer are best with the short sleeves and shorts because they show more skin (this is a boudoir shoot after all). However, the full-length pants and long sleeves will work also if you want more coverage. 

The cool thing is that even the summer styles have a lot of coverage.

The button up tops are great for… well, unbuttoning for a more provocative look, much like the open kimono or robe. They’re classy yet casual and understated as well. 

Victoria’s Secret has, in my opinion, the best classic top & bottom pajamas sets out there. 


You don’t have to spend a lot of money, or any money for that matter, to have sexy boudoir outfits for your shoot. Everything you need you probably already have. Besides, what’s more important is the sexy attitude you have in the outfit, than the outfit itself. 

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I hope this article was helpful and if it was please forward it to someone else it may also benefit.

And remember…

“Being sexy is all about attitude, not body type. It’s a state of mind.” — Ameesha Patel

Thanks for your time!

Charles Mitri


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