5 Powerful Reasons Why Every Woman Needs To Experience A Boudoir Shoot

In this article we’re going to talk about the transformative experience most women get after experiencing a boudoir shoot, and the five most powerful reasons why every woman needs to do this.

So, if you’re someone whose been thinking about it, or perhaps on the fence about booking a boudoir session for yourself, I hope this article will shed some light on what some of the benefits are for you.

1.) A Renewed Sense of Self-Confidence

One of the benefits of getting a boudoir shoot is that you’ll get a renewed sense of self-confidence… or, if you’ve never been very confident to begin with, will certainly give you a nice boost. 

Having your hair and makeup done by a professional hair and makeup artist, then getting photographed by someone who specializes in boudoir is going to produce images that you just can’t get with a smartphone or from your friend who bought that expensive camera but doesn’t quite know how to use it yet.


That, combined with good lighting and proper posing will show you that you do have an inner vixen that’s been lying dormant inside you. She just needs a little coaching and coaxing for her to emerge and show herself. 

It may be that you’ve never experienced “her” before, or if you have and it’s been a while since you’ve seen “her”, you may be wondering if “she” even still exists! 

Having these boudoir images of you in an album or as fine art prints on the wall will be a constant reminder of who you are — a beautiful, sexy, empowered woman! 

Hey, I get it. 

Most of the time you’re running around in sweats or jeans and a T-shirt. You’re busy with work, kids, laundry, grocery shopping, errands — day in, day out.

Yes, it’s a hectic world we live in, but we have to take time to reconnect with what’s important… and what’s important is that you feel good about yourself, because when you feel good — everyone around you will benefit… and what feels good is not losing touch with that part of you that maybe only comes out every once in a while with all that you’ve got going on, but you want to know “she’s” still there when you need “her”. 

A boudoir shoot will give you that confidence that “yes”, not only is “she” still there, but she’s a bad-ass boss-babe to boot!

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2.) A Sense of Empowerment

Okay, now you’re probably saying to yourself, “What’s the difference between self-confidence and empowerment?”

Good question.

Even though the two are similar, one is kind of like the super-charged version of the other.

In other words…

Self-confidence enables you to quietly move forward in your life without the burden of self-doubt. In a way, it’s kind of self-contained within your own being. 

Empowerment turns that inner confidence outward into the world, to the point that it motivates you to take action towards something, either for yourself or on behalf of someone else.

Here’s an example, let’s say you’re not looking forward to swimsuit season that’s approaching. You feel self-conscious about your body and it inhibits you from wanting to put on your swimsuit and have a good time at the pool or that social beach gathering. 

You do a boudoir shoot and suddenly you see yourself in a whole new light. You gain self-confidence and your swimsuit isn’t looking so scary now. You’re feeling pretty confident that you’ll be feeling just fine at the next neighborhood pool party — but beyond that, you feel empowered to go out and buy a few more styles, some of which may even be more revealing than you’re used to. 

Empowerment is self-confidence in action. 


Getting a boudoir shoot empowers you to encourage others to get one as well. You want others to experience that feeling you got from doing yours. 

3.) It Will Show You You’re Capable of More Than You Thought

Most of the fears we have exist solely inside our own head. Most of the things we’re scared of are irrational — there’s no real threat or consequence… or the consequence isn’t nearly as bad as we thought it would be. 

It’s only by doing that which we’re scared of that allows us to grow and discover more of who we are and what we’re truly capable of. 

(You might want to read that last sentence again.)

If you were hesitant or even fearful of doing a boudoir shoot, but forged ahead anyway, pushing through your fears, you probably discovered that before long you were actually enjoying it and having a blast, and that “fear” you had just vanished like a puff of smoke. At least that’s been my experience with the clients I’ve worked with. 

Getting a boudoir shoot, after strong reservations were holding you back, allowed you to experience a joy you never would have experienced had you given in to the fears that existed only in your head. 

Your boudoir shoot may just be the catalyst in your life that helps you overcome other “irrational” fears that are holding you back from enjoying life to its fullest. 

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4.) A Memorable Keepsake

Getting a boudoir shoot and then getting an album or prints that will last a lifetime is the perfect time capsule. What better way to look back on your life when you’re in your seventies, eighties, and beyond than to flip through an album of a boudoir shoot you did X number of years ago and to have a smile slowly spread across your face?

It’s something you can look back on and share with your adult children (if appropriate) and feel satisfied that you have a lasting record of that time in your life captured in a truly unique way.

Speaking from experience, my mom (who’s now in her eighties), did a lot of modeling from her mid-teens into her early twenties. She happened to live close to a well-known professional photographer in San Francisco who used to hire her for a lot of jobs. 

Just recently, she was transferring those images into a new album because the old one was falling apart, and what fun it was going through all those black and white photographs. Although not boudoir images, there were quite a few in bikinis and leotards that showed off her youthful figure. It was truly a time capsule of her past. 

Do you think she was shy about sharing them with me and my sister, and then with her granddaughters when they got older? No way. She was proud of how she looked and all that work she had done and thankful those images still existed. It captured her in a way that family photos from the ‘ole Kodak could never have done.

So, think ahead when you’re much further down the path of life and how fun it will be to have a collection of boudoir images you can look back on for yourself, and also with those you know will appreciate them. 

Don’t let that opportunity that exists today slip away. 

5.) You’ll Realize You Have Superpowers

This might sound silly or even a bit corny, but after doing a boudoir shoot and seeing the results, you’ll feel like you have superpowers. Yes, those kinds of superpowers, the ones that superheroes possess. Well, not that you can fly or anything, but “human” superpowers.

You will see things and discover things about yourself that up until then were hidden in fear, self-doubt, and self-consciousness. 

Some of those things will be physical, like, “Oh, I didn’t realize how the curve of my hip looks so sinewy and sensuous.” 


“Wow, my hair actually looks really sexy the way it falls in my face lying on my side like that.”


“Oh my god, I didn’t realize that I am feminine.”

Other superpowers will be felt internally.

“You know, I can’t wait for that beach get-together now with my friends. I am so going to rock that new swimsuit I bought.” 


“I think I’ll wear that outfit I was too shy to wear before, because now I know I can own it!”

Even if you’re not at the perfect weight you think you should be at, or before, you were self-conscious about a certain part of your body that you think everyone notices (but really don’t). You’ll see so much that you’re happy with now after your shoot, that those insecurities will fade into the background to your new and improved self-image. 

You see, a professional boudoir shoot gives you a different perspective — one that’s removed from the one you look at in the mirror everyday. You get to see yourself from someone else’s point of view… one with a camera… who knows lighting… and posing. That’s something you can’t give yourself looking at your reflection in the mirror everyday.

It’s a perspective that’s capturing your unique beauty and personality in a unique way without the filter of your fears, doubts, and self-consciousness sneaking into the equation. They literally don’t exist from this perspective… and isn’t that refreshing? And because of this, you get to experience you, in a whole new way. 

All it takes is a change in perspective to change your mind set, to change the way you think about yourself, to change the way you feel about yourself — and I think that beats having the ability to turn invisible or to fly any day of the week… okay, maybe not better than those two, but it definitely comes in after those two!

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In Summary

So, there you have it — five powerful reasons why every woman needs to experience a boudoir shoot. 

1.) A renewed sense of self-confidence

2.) A sense of empowerment

3.) It will show you you’re capable of more than you thought

4.) A memorable keepsake

5.) You’ll realize you have superpowers

If you found this article helpful be sure to pass it on to someone who might find it useful as well.

And remember… 

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.” —  Steve Jobs

Charles Mitri

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