6 Life Milestones To Celebrate With A Boudoir Shoot

In this article I’m going to go over six life milestones that are worthy of celebrating with a boudoir shoot. (Plus a few more, but whose counting.)

1.) Your Wedding

Bridal boudoir is getting more and more popular with the rise of boudoir in general. Many brides are choosing to get a bridal boudoir shoot for several reasons. First off, it celebrates your marriage in a unique way. Beyond the traditional gifts of dishes, linens, and expensive crystal goblets, a boudoir shoot preserved in an album is a gift not only to yourself but also for your significant other to enjoy as well.

What better way to honor such an intimate union between two people than the gift of giving “you”, your whole being, to another person… and what better way to illustrate that than through a bridal boudoir shoot?

As mentioned above, it also makes a special and perhaps unexpected gift for your spouse-to-be as a personal wedding present. A gift so unique that you know no one else will be giving — at least you hope so! (Unless there’s an ex-girlfriend in his past that’s making one last ditch attempt to woo your soon-to-be-hubby away! But not likely. That plot is reserved for the daytime soap operas.) 

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2.) A Milestone Birthday

Getting a boudoir shoot to celebrate a milestone birthday is definitely something many women partake in. Hitting the big 3-0, 4-0, 5-0, or even 6-0 is worthy of something special for yourself. A boudoir shoot beautifully encapsulates a certain time in your life where one period ends and another begins. 

As we age and mature through life a part of us remains the same while other parts of us, both internally and externally, change, many times for the better, and a boudoir shoot is certainly more fun and adventurous than just getting your portrait taken. It’s also a great way to see yourself grow as a woman, capturing a kind of “spirit” with your whole mind and body. 

What will the eyes and body language of your thirty-year-old self be saying compared to the eyes and body language of your forty-year-old self? How will your boudoir shoot before you had children compare to the one you had after? How will you see yourself at thirty compared to forty? And more important, how do you want to see yourself at 30 compared to 40? 

Like a high school yearbook from freshman to senior year, it’s fun to look back and see all the “women” you’ve been.

3.) Divorce or Painful Breakup



“Yikes!” — you might be saying to yourself. 

Not a pleasant subject but definitely milestones in one’s life. Getting a boudoir shoot for yourself after a divorce or painful breakup can celebrate the “new” you in a truly unique and special way. It can serve as the symbol of your metamorphosis from the person you used to be, to the person who has emerged through all the hard times and heartache, in triumphant style. It can serve as a declaration to the universe of your “rebirth”, and signal a clarion call to all potential new lovers and relationships.

Getting a boudoir shoot after a divorce or split can help you say “yes” to yourself. Almost like a ceremony you go through to help signify that you’re now ready to move forward in your life and share your life with someone special once again — a visual representation of the opening of your heart and soul to new beginnings. 

It can also help you overcome that mental barrier in your head that separates the past from the future, the old self from the new self, the old path from the new. 

Wow, didn’t realize this one was going to go where it did, but we got deep here. 

All right, let’s lighten things up a bit with our next milestone!

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4.) A Milestone Occassion

There are numerous milestone occasions in which one could celebrate with a boudoir shoot. 

So, let’s go over them one at a time.

A Milestone Valentine’s Day

Okay, a rather obvious one, but one that many women forget about, or if they do remember, it’s too late to get one done in time for February 14th. 

Certainly a milestone occasion if you’ve been with someone, whether married or not, for some period of time.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect milestone to give your husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, lover, or whomever images from your boudoir shoot. What a unique and surprisingly unexpected gift!

Trust me, they’ll be amazed — and you’ll love the reaction they have when they open up that album and see one-of-a-kind sexy, beautiful, sultry you!

Ka-pow, baby!

You will have definitely upped the ante on gift-giving!

A Milestone Anniversay

Did you know that traditionally your fifth year anniversary gift should be something made of wood? Or that your ninth year, pottery? 


Perhaps that list needs to be updated.

Might I suggest your fifth year anniversary present of wood be replaced with say… something digital? Like digital photography? 

Okay, I’m being biased here and a non-traditionalist but there is room for the unique gift of boudoir photography here somewhere. 

Now, you can either get the boudoir shoot yourself and give the images to your significant other as a gift…


You can give the gift of a boudoir experience to your significant other in the form of a paid gift certificate for them to get a shoot.

She opens up the envelope and pulls out a lovely gift card.

“What’s this?” 

She reads, “Gift Voucher For Your Very Own Boudoir Session”.

Her face lights up, because she’s always wanted to do one, but either couldn’t muster up the courage or couldn’t afford it. Now, she has no excuse to experience what every woman should experience at least once in their life. 

“Oh, my god!”

She throws her arms around you and thanks you with hugs and kisses. 

Now, that’s an anniversary gift she’ll never forget! And it’ll be a keepsake you can both enjoy for the rest of your lives. 

Or heck, you could even be buried with it… oh, wait… you can’t take physical possessions with you into the afterlife. Okay, I guess it stops there. 

But still, the rest of your lives is a loooong time. 

A Milestone Birthday For Them

So, much like the “unique milestone anniversary gift for them”, you can also do…

The significant milestone birthday for them!

If you’re thinking gift certificate, give yourself an A+.

When your significant other hits the big 3-0, 4-0, or 5-0 what better way to surprise them with something they were never expecting in a million years — a boudoir shoot!

And just like the anniversary keepsake, this birthday present can serve as a keepsake as well. 

The Weight Loss / Getting In Shape Milestone

I’m grouping these two together because they’re kind of like cousins to one another. 

Whether you’ve lost a lot of weight or you just finished getting the body you’ve always wanted, celebrating this significant achievement is certainly worthy of a boudoir shoot (in my totally non-biased opinion of being a boudoir photographer).

You’ve worked hard, put your time in at the gym or in front of your big screen “Sweatin’ to the Oldies”, gave up sugar, carbs, and everything else that tastes good — it’s now time to reward yourself for all that hard work and effort. And what better way to show off all that hard work and effort than with a boudoir shoot?

Celebrating the “you” you always wanted to be needs to be preserved and remembered for when you may need a little boost, or as a nostalgic look back at a certain time in your life. It can also serve as inspiration and motivation if you start to slack off a bit, slipping into old bad habits.

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You’ll see with your own eyes what you’ll be striving towards again, a visual goal that you actually achieved! Not some picture from a magazine stuck to your refrigerator of someone else’s body. It’ll be yours!

6.) The Post-Plastic Surgery / Cosmetic Procedure Milestone

Whether you agree with plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures or not, the fact is that Americans spent $16.5 billion dollars on them in 2018 alone according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. 

That’s a lot of people getting a lot of work done on themselves.

And that includes everything from:

breast augmentation


eyelid surgery

face lift

tummy tuck

breast reduction

nose shaping

wrinkle treatment injections (Botox)

chemical peels

laser hair removal

If you’re someone who had a procedure or two and wants to show off your new look in epic style in a way that celebrates the new you, then a boudoir shoot is just the recipe. And the great thing about that is, you get to decide just how that goes. In other words, you can control how much or how less you want on display. 

Despite what your preconceived ideas are about boudoir, the woman is in total control of what she wears and how she poses. It’s the photographer’s job to help guide her through that process (with wardrobe and posing) because they’re the expert, but ultimately it’s the woman that has final say on whether she wants to wear a certain outfit or pose in a certain manner.

Woman in black bra in dark moody boudoir photo
Photo by Andrey Zvyagintsev on Unsplash

In Conclusion

So, in wrapping all this up, here are 6 life milestones that are worthy of celebrating with a boudoir shoot.

They are:

Your Wedding

A Milestone Birthday

A Divorce or Painful Breakup

A Milestone Occasion — like Valentine’s Day, an Anniversary, or a Big Birthday for them

Losing Weight / Getting In Shape Milestone

Post-Plastic Surgery or Cosmetic Procedure Milestone

If you found this article helpful be sure to pass it on to someone who might find it useful as well, and if you’re interested in a boudoir shoot in the Hampton Roads or southern Virginia area you can contact me through my website at…

bell Mitri boudoir

And remember… 

 “One of the most important milestones you can reach is coming to the awareness that you are unique and special and one of a kind. That should be a celebration and gift you give to yourself.”

Charles Mitri

Visit www.BellaMitriBoudoir.com


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