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6 Truly Unique Boudoir Outfit Ideas

A lot has been written about what to wear in a boudoir shoot so I wanted to veer off that beaten path a bit and offer some truly unique boudoir outfit ideas that you wouldn’t come across when searching for boudoir outfits.

As a boudoir photographer myself, I see a lot of clothing items that women bring to their sessions so I’m constantly being exposed to a wide variety. Some of these outfit ideas came from my clients while others I discovered on my own. In any event, I hope they serve as inspiration to mix things up in your next boudoir shoot.

Full Length Fishnet Body Stocking

Moody boudoir on chaise lounge

When my client first pulled this out of her bag I had no idea what it was since it looked nothing at all like it does when actually worn. Being made entirely of stretchy fishnet, it resembled a long black stocking when she held it up in front of me. 

“What about this?” she said.

“What’s that?” I replied.

She went on to tell me it was a one-piece fishnet body stocking.

I was curious, so for her second outfit change I asked her to try it on and it looked great! I thought the black fishnet would look good against the lighter camel color of the chaise lounge we’d be shooting on and would also add some nice texture. 

And it didn’t disappoint.

It’s now one of my favorite unconventional and striking boudoir outfits to photograph so if you’re looking for a new twist on a conventional one-piece, look no further than the full length fishnet body stocking. 

If you’re in the market for one, check out yandy.com or barenecessities.com they both have a whole variety to choose from: fishnet, ribbed, suspender, sheer, lace, floral — some are pretty wild!

Two Stylish Hand Fans

Woman with black lacy hand fan

Okay, technically not an outfit, more an accessory, but when used in the following manner two stylish hand fanscan function as an outfit.

Now we’re talking about the old fashioned kind that women used to wave in front of their faces to keep themselves cool… not the battery operated ones with a little propeller… obviously.

In addition to being used as an accessory to an outfit, much like a stylish prop, I thought it would be a cool idea to use two fans that cover up the areas that normally a bra and bottom would. 

The woman would hold one fan to cover her breasts and the other, her nether regions below. 

It would be an implied nudity shot, much like the implied nudity shots where a woman is holding up a sheet but we see she’s got nothing on from her side that’s still exposed.

Using two fans, the effect would be the same but you see a lot more skin… and a lacy stylish fan is more interesting than a sheet. 

The idea came to me while writing an article on boudoir accessories (include link), however, I’m sure it’s been done before and I’m not the first to think of it. 

Lacy Boy Shorts

Evolving out of the rather plain athletic-looking boy shorts for women, lacy boy shorts have taken on a distinctive feminine and decorative style.

Offering more coverage than a bikini-type bottom, there’s more room to show off lacy designs and patterns, and that’s exactly what a lot of lingerie companies are doing.

With a larger canvas, these lacy boy shorts can make a bold statement that skimpier bottoms just can’t compete with and are a good choice if you want more coverage without giving up brief style bottoms.

Yandy has one of the largest and most diverse selections I’ve come across. 

See-Through Lace Robe

Anything sheer or see-through works really well for boudoir because you get subtext in the image. It hits you on two levels, and thus, makes the photo more interesting. 

It’s like when you’re watching a movie and two people are having a conversation, let’s say a man and a woman, and on the surface what they’re talking about is rather mundane, like the weather… but underneath, the subtext, we know they’re attracted to one another.

We’re experiencing that scene on two levels, what’s happening on the surface, but also what’s happening under the surface. 

That’s the power of a see-through lace robe. It’s purpose is to cover up, but it doesn’t do the best job at doing that because we can see right through it. It’s like having x-ray vision.

Whenever you wear something sheer, it’s like you’re giving the viewer a pair of x-ray glasses… in a sense, and they feel they’re seeing something they’re not supposed to be seeing.

It’s voyeuristic… and let’s face it, we humans are voyeuristic. If you don’t believe me, just look at the popularity of reality TV… or any piece of fiction be it a movie, TV show, or even a story in a book. We’re peering in on someone else’s life as an unseen outside observer.

That’s the power of a see-through robe… or anything, really, but I like the robe because it provides the most coverage and its intent is to conceal and cover up making it even more powerful when you have something skimpy on underneath..

This works especially well when posed in front of a light source like a window so that you’re backlit with the light illuminating (and revealing) what you have on underneath.

Although you don’t necessarily have to be lit from behind, if the ambient light in the room is strong enough, it will have the same effect.

So, the next time you’re thinking about what to wear to your next boudoir shoot, don’t forget the power of the sheer see-through lace robe! (Can you tell I really like this?)


Okay, this one is a bit out there, I admit… and it’s also kind of artsy (but hey, that’s my thing)… but it is unique and could make for one interesting photo.

So, like the hand fans above, using gloves would normally be an accessory to an outfit but in this situation we’re going to use them as the outfit.

Sound interesting?

But first…

Glove Type

The type of gloves I’m talking about here are the long kind that act as a sleeve on your arm. They can be of a solid color, sheer, or with an intricate lacy design.

I like this last option best because the lacy design will contrast nicely against a woman’s plain skin and really pop. 

The Glove Pose

This would be another implied nudity shot (similar to the fans). The woman can be wearing some type of bottoms but otherwise is topless. Now have her cross her arms in front, as if she’s giving herself a hug. 

The gloves will form an “X” across her chest concealing her breasts. 

You could also use the gloves in a similar fashion like the fans for a fully implied nudity shot by having one gloved hand cover her chest while the other covers downstairs. 

You don’t see gloves in boudoir shots nowadays so they’ll make the image unique to begin with, but used in this manner will make them even more so.

A Cape

Haven’t you heard? 

Capes are in!

Okay, not really… but it does make for a unique boudoir outfit.

Now, we’re not talking about the superhero kind, these are more along the lines of what a sexy vixen would wear and they’re used to accompany a bra and bottom set, one-piece body suit, or body stocking.

Like most lingerie they come in solid, lace, or sheer material.

Personally, I haven’t photographed anyone with a cape but if I did I’d want them standing so I could use its length to full effect. 

If you’re curious, check out the Skye French Kiss Cape and also the Coco Decadently Divine Cape on Yandy. They’re one of the few places that sell lingerie-type capes.

Wrap Up

As you can see, with a little imagination one can venture outside the lines of conventional boudoir outfit ideas. So, if you’re looking for something to make your images really stand out, consider some of these truly unique boudoir outfits.

Thanks for your time!

Charles Mitri

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