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7 Sexy Bridal Boudoir Outfits That Will Leave Him Speechless

When it comes to looking sexy for your soon-to-be-husband in a bridal boudoir photo shoot or on your honeymoon, here are seven sexy bridal boudoir outfits that are sure to turn up the heat for both you and your man.

No matter what size you’re currently at, or where you register on the scale of butter-couldn’t-melt-in-your-mouth-innocence to take-no-prisoners-hardcore-vixen (and everything in between) there is something for every woman in the sexy outfits described below that are guaranteed to leave your man speechless.

So, buckle up, strap in, and let’s get to it!

1. Lacey Bra and Bottoms with Sheer Thigh High Stockings 

Boudoir images of woman in black bra and panties with black fish net stockings

Nothing exudes subtle elegance quite like lace does. Not only does it provide interesting patterns and designs, it’s also see-through, making you look and feel like a sexy siren. 

A matching bra and bottoms set adorned with lace, along with thigh high stockings to complete the look adds just the right amount of spice guaranteed to heat up any bridal boudoir photoshoot or put a smile on both your’s and your new husband’s face on your wedding night.

Throw in a pair of high-heels to push your sexy quotient into overdrive and you’ll be irresistible. 

2. Sexy Teddy, One-Piece, or Body Suit

Woman in black teddy

Whether you call it a teddy, one-piece, or body suit this simple yet sexy design comes in a lot of variations, from the barely-there kind to ones that offer more coverage. From lacy and innocent to the kind that scream “tie me up, tie me down”, teddies, one-pieces, and body suits are perfect for romping around the bedroom in or for a daring look during your once-in-a-life-time bridal boudoir photo shoot. 

Victoria’s Secret has an especially large selection to choose from, along with Adore Me and Bare Necessities.

3. Silky Robe or Kimono

Dialing it back a bit to something both stylish and functional is the silky robe or kimono. From solid to sheer, who knows what you’ll have on underneath that your man will want to unwrap and enjoy. 

Something see-through is a tantalizing delight you can tease your new husband with, especially if you’re rockin’ a sexy bra and bottom set… or nothing at all. 

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4. Bustier or Corset with Bottoms and Garter Belt

Okay, now things are gettin’ serious. 

Nothing makes as bold and adventurous a statement quite like the bustier/corset with bottoms, garter belt, and stockings combo. First, let’s explore both the bustier and corset to see which one is right for you.


A bustier will have cups and is going to provide an “up-lifting” experience while smoothening out of your mid-section some.

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A corset will cinch in your waist to emphasize that female hourglass shape, and usually doesn’t have cups. From mild to extreme, a corset can provide that extra level of shape you may be looking for in a boudoir shoot, but will most likely not be something you’ll want to spend a whole lot of time in, especially if you’re trying to enjoy yourself on your honeymoon. You’d be better off switching into a bustier when it’s time to turn down the lights.

So, choose accordingly between the two depending on whether you’re planning a photo shoot or your getaway after the wedding.

Regardless, pairing up a sexy bustier or corset with some matching bottoms, garter belt, and stockings tells your man you mean business… and by the way, Bare Necessities has a huge selection of stockings you may want to check out.

5. The Babydoll

A throwback to a more innocent time, the babydoll continues to carry on with that same “innocence” theme, however, throw in some modern-day sexiness and you have the evolution of a bedtime classic. 

Offering a more modest choice than your bra and bottom set, yet not to the degree of a robe, the babydoll finds that perfect balance of coverage that’s still fun and provocative. From super see-through to solid, and everything in between, the babydoll is perfect for the woman that wants a more “innocent” presentation on the outside that hides her inner vixen on the inside.

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6. Cami Sets

Like the robe and kimono, cami sets are both stylish and functional. An everyday type of sleep ware, cami-sets are for those who want a more toned down appearance. Still slinky and sexy, cami sets are for women who aren’t as enamored with all the bells and whistles that a lot of lingerie comes with.

Cami sets offer good coverage as well, while still baring arms and legs for that skin-on-skin experience with your special someone.

7. Chemise

Elegant, stylish, understated, the chemise is a simple solution to those seeking full coverage. Similar to a slip but with more design elements, they run from mid-thigh to mid-calf in length. Sheer to solid, short to long, a classy chemise will serve you well if you prefer a more modest (but still sexy) outfit.

Bare Necessities has an especially good variety on chemises so be sure to check them out if you’re in the market. 

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Wrap Up

If you’re planning on getting a bridal boudoir shoot then you really can’t go wrong with any of these sexy outfits, and if you get them in white that will only reenforce the whole bridal boudoir theme of your images. 

If you’re looking for bridal boudoir outfits for either a boudoir photo shoot or for your honeymoon be sure to check out Bare Necessities and Adore Me. I’ve found they have the best selection and prices compared to a lot of other brands out there.

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