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Your session fee is $397 which includes hair and makeup. Image products are sold separately starting at $450. To receive a full listing of all products and pricing just send me an email using the form at the bottom of the page.

You want to plan about 3 hours for the entire experience. Hair and makeup takes about an hour, then two hours for the shoot.

Yes, professional hair and makeup is included in your session fee. 

Not to worry, I’ll guide you through all the poses. Posing in a boudoir session is critical and every pose is thought out beforehand and customized to your body type. However, I always allow room for “in the moment” inspiration if I see something I like that occurs naturally through the course of the shoot.

Being “sexy” is most often conveyed with a look or a pose or what’s hidden in shadow just out of sight. It’s also expressed by creating a “mood” with light and shadow. I’ll coach you with the look and posing while the mood will be created with my knowledge of lighting. By the way, your shoot doesn’t have to be about you being “sexy”, it can just be about you feeling beautiful.

No, the session fee pays for the retainer of your scheduled shoot time, the photo session, and my skill and experience as a professional boudoir photographer. All image products are purchased after the shoot which include custom designed albums, fine art prints, and high resolution digital files. 

No, not unless you’ve given me permission. Your privacy is top priority. Nevertheless, it’s always great to have a wide variety of shapes and sizes in my gallery that other women who look similar can relate to. You just might be someone else’s inspiration! However, if you decide otherwise, that’s perfectly fine too.

Photoshop is used minimally. I’m not a fan of women looking like mannequins with plastic skin. I prefer a more natural approach. If you have areas of your body you don’t want featured, a discussion beforehand can remedy that with proper posing, lighting, and wardrobe choice. If, however, you order a large print, more scrutiny will go into making that image look its best with a little help from Photoshop. 

The Studio at City Center

11835 Canon Blvd. Suite B-107

Newport News, VA 23606

It’s located in a one-story office park environment and there’s plenty of free parking. 

Yes, but it’s limited to just one. With myself, the makeup artist, client, and friend making four people, space becomes limited. Just be sure you’ll be comfortable shooting boudoir with that friend watching the whole time.

Yes, that is true — and although the majority of boudoir photographers are female, there are quite a few male boudoir photographers shooting all over the world. Regardless, I guarantee a professional, comfortable, and fun experience. My approach is that of an artist with you as my collaborator where together, we’ll create something truly unique and special. 

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