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How To Find The Best Boudoir Photographer That’s Right For You

In this article I’m going to talk about the qualities you should look for when searching for the best boudoir photographer to shoot your boudoir session — and the steps, in order, in how you should go about doing that.

There are really two halves to finding a photographer that’s right for you when you’re thinking seriously about scheduling a boudoir photoshoot. One is the artistic side or rather the quality of the images themselves and their cost, and the other is the level of comfort, trust and likability you have for the photographer — their personality, demeanor, and vibe. 

First, let’s tackle the artistic side because if you don’t like a photographer’s work to begin with, there’s really no point in pursuing them any further.

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It Begins With Their Images

When looking for a photographer you should first check out their images and see if you like their body of work. In all likelihood they’ll have a gallery that you can easily scroll through. 

Do the images have a consistent look to them? Do you like the lighting? Is the setting pleasing? Most important of all, however, is can you see yourself in those very same settings and poses? You should look at a boudoir photographer’s images with a desire to be in the photos you’re gazing at.

Some boudoir photographers shoot in soft natural light for a light feminine feel while others utilize more shadows for a darker more dramatic effect. 

Which do you prefer? Does the photographer shoot in only one style or can they do a little of both?

natural light boudoir photo

Woman in black bra in dark moody boudoir photo
Photo by Andrey Zvyagintsev on Unsplash

Color or Black & White?

Black and white boudoir photo

Do you only want color images or do you prefer black and white? Or maybe a mix of both? If you think you may want some images converted to black and white make sure your photographer knows how to do that… and do it well.

Converting a color image to black and white in Photoshop can be as simple as clicking on a button, but a better way to do that conversion involves a bit more work that enhances the black and white effect even more, giving your images a more striking and dramatic look. 

Black and white boudoir images can look stunning but if you want to get the most from that effect then have a conversation with potential photographers and ask them about their conversion process. 

If all they say is, “Well, it’s just a simple click in Photoshop.” then your black and white images are getting short-changed. If they mention HSL sliders or color sliders (yes, color sliders, I know it sounds counter intuitive but that’s how it’s done) then they’re pulling the most potential out of those pictures.

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Final Thoughts On Aesthetics and Style

You’ll get a really good sense of style and aesthetics by scrolling through several boudoir photographers’ galleries on their websites or Instagram and Pinterest accounts. Which ones appeal to you more? Which styles do you like more than others? 

Make note of the ones you’re drawn to and eliminate those that just don’t work for you on some level. 

Make Sure They Offer Products You Want

Gold boudoir album

Most boudoir photographers offer their clients albums, folio boxes, prints, digital files or a combination of all four in which your images can be displayed and preserved. Some even offer a video of your shoot. 

If your goal is to have an album and perhaps some prints of various sizes, you don’t want to find out after your shoot that some of those formats are not available to you, or if they are, that they don’t offer the sizes you want.

Make Sure You Can Afford the Shoot and the Products

Getting a boudoir photoshoot along with all the offerings afterwards such as an album, folio box, prints, and/or a video can be expensive — we’re talking several thousand dollars expensive. 

Not all boudoir photographers price their products the same though. Some have packages at several levels of cost to choose from while others offer a selection of items a la carte that you can purchase individually. 

Pennies spilling out of jar

A short discussion about price will quickly let you know if the photographer you’re talking to is affordable or not. If you find one that is a perfect fit but beyond your current budget, ask if they do any kind of financing. 

Many do and even advertise that on their website, but even if they don’t it never hurts to ask. My advice for someone who wants to book with a certain photographer but can’t currently afford their price is to wait… wait until you can afford that person. 

It’s better to take the time and save up for something that truly resonates with you than to compromise and end up with a result you’re not that crazy about.

Quick Recap

Step 1 — Find a boudoir photographer whose images you like and that you can envision yourself in

Step 2 — Make sure those same photographers offer the products you want whether it’s an album, folio box, prints, or digital images and also afford

Another Thing To Consider — Travel Distance

An additional consideration is proximity — how close the boudoir photographer is to you, or how willing you are to travel for a shoot.

If distance is not a factor then your choices are practically unlimited, however, if you’re like most women, you’ll more than likely want to find a photographer who is relatively in your neck of the woods. 

If you’re in search of a photographer in your surrounding area, I recommend you read my article, How To Find “boudoir photography near me” Using Google and Social Media Apps the Quick and Easy Way. In it, I talk about how to find a boudoir photographer near you using Google and social media apps but also how to find one without using a computer or even the internet at all. So, there’s something for everyone.

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Part II

Trust Your Intuition and Gut Instinct

Budha statue with bokeh

The second part of finding the best boudoir photographer that’s right for you has to do with comfort and trust in the photographers you’re considering.

After finding images that you like and making sure the products you want are available and affordable from several photographers, your next step is to get to know them on a more personal level. 

Having a face-to-face consultation is a great way to get a sense of someone and to really experience how you feel around them and also, how you make them feel. 

If you can’t meet in person, a video chat over Skype or FaceTime is a good alternative, but if that’s not possible, then talking on the phone is your next best option. 

This is when you have to pay attention to your intuition and gut instinct. 

Do you like this person? Do you feel comfortable conversing with them? Do they seem trustworthy? Are they addressing your questions and putting you at ease with any concerns you may have? Does the energy feel good between the two of you?

If you’re like most people, you’ll know very quickly whether you feel comfortable interacting with someone or not. If you’re getting a weird vibe or something just feels off then move on and find someone else.

Another Level Of Critique

Chances are you’ll get along and have a good feeling about most of the photographers you talk with. 

To go a step beyond that, you may want to consider that person’s personal energy level, in other words, some people are high energy and that might be something you like… or not. Others may be more calm and laid back, and that too may be something you like… or not. 

It’s all just personal preference but something to consider if you’re having a hard time deciding. 

What Is Their Reason “Why”?

One question you’ll want to ask all potential boudoir photographers is how and why they got started shooting boudoir if it’s not already on their website in their “About” section. This one question will give you great insight into this person.

Testimonials and Reviews

Another way to discover how your experience might be is to read testimonials and reviews of people who have already shot with the photographer you’re checking out. 

Obviously, testimonials on the photographer’s own website are going to be favorable but you may pick up some unique insights that only a former client would be privy to. 

Also reviews, check to see if the photographer has any on Google, Yelp, and Facebook.

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In Summary

In finding the best boudoir photographer that’s right for you, keep these three key things in mind.

1.) Find one whose images and style you like and can envision yourself in

2)   Make sure they offer products you want and are at a price you’re willing to pay                            

3)   Go with one you like, trust, and feel comfortable with

If you found this article helpful be sure to pass it on to someone who might find it useful as well, and if you’re interested in a boudoir shoot in the southern Virginia area you can contact me through my website at…


And remember… 

“Love yourself first, 

and everything else falls into line.”

Charles Mitri



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