How To Make A Pinterest Mood Board For Your Boudoir Shoot

If you scheduled a boudoir shoot your photographer may request that you start a Pinterest mood board. In this article I’m going to talk about what a Pinterest mood board is, and how to make one. 

Or, if you’re thinking about scheduling a boudoir shoot and want to collect images that inspire you or have an aesthetic you like, you may still want to create a boudoir mood board just for yourself. 

What Is A Pinterest Mood Board?

A Pinterest mood board is a collection of images you “pin” to your digital bulletin board within the app known as Pinterest. It’s a way for both you and your photographer to see a style and mood that you like so they can get an understanding of the type of aesthetic that appeals to you.

This helps them when planning your photo shoot. 

Bare Necessities

How Creating A Pinterest Board Helps You

Perusing through Pinterest and finding boudoir images, poses, or even lighting examples of images you like will help you define the look of your shoot. It will help you determine for yourself, and make clear, what it is you like and don’t like. 

For example, if you find yourself pinning a lot of black and white images to your mood board, then your photographer will know to shoot for that specific look for you. 

Or perhaps there are a lot of images in front of a window with natural sunlight pouring in, then that’s something they’re going to make a big part of your shoot. 

You may even pin a lot of pictures where there’s bright bold colors that “pop” off the screen. If that’s the case then your photographer will make sure you bring that type of wardrobe to your shoot, or have set pieces that will do that for you.

You may not have thought much about mood or style before when it comes to getting a boudoir shoot. You may have just wanted some beautiful sensual images of yourself, but by creating a Pinterest mood board, it helps both you and your photographer steer your shoot to your preferences. 

How To Create A Pinterest Mood Board For Your Boudoir Shoot

First, you’ll have to download the Pinterest app onto your phone if you don’t already have it.

Once that’s done (and you’ve opened an account) go into the app and tap the “+” sign at the bottom of the home screen.

A window will pop up asking you to create a Pin, Board, or Ad.

Choose “Board”.

 It will then ask you to name your board, so type in something like “Boudoir Mood Board”.

You have the option here to keep this board secret so only you can see it. If you want that then tap the toggle and it will shift to the right.

Now hit the red “Create” button in the upper right corner.


You just created a private boudoir mood board — congratulations!

(We’re on a roll… don’t stop now!)

How To Pin Images To Your Boudoir Mood Board

To find images you might want to save to your new board, hit the magnifying icon at the bottom of the screen. This icon is the search feature for Pinterest.

Type “boudoir” into the field and hit “Search”.

A selection of images will appear.

You can scroll through these and if you find something you like just tap on it to select it.

It will give you the option then, to Visit or Save — select Save.

You need to now select “Boudoir Mood Board” (the one you just created) from your list of boards. If you haven’t created any previous boards, then your boudoir mood board will be the only one there.

Once you’ve selected which board to save it to, a message will appear briefly at the top of the screen informing you that the image was saved.

Searching Other Than Boudoir

You don’t have to only search for boudoir images. If, for example, you find some cool image that speaks to you or gives off a certain vibe or feel that you resonate with, then add that to your board as well. It may spark a discussion with your photographer that could lead to something similar in your shoot.

Pin those to your board as well.

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Viewing Your Board 

Once you have some images pinned (saved) to your board and you want to view them, you’ll need to tap your profile icon in the lower right corner. 

There will be a menu row of which “Boards” will be one of the items.

Select it and all the boards you created will appear. Just scroll to the one named “Boudoir Mood Board” to view everything you’ve pinned so far.

How To Delete A Pin From Your Board

To delete a pin from your board, first get to your board’s main page.

Now, tap the two sliders icon. (Not sure exactly what you call it but it looks like two dial sliders).

“Select Pins to move or delete” will appear.

Select that.

Now tap or select which pin you want to remove.

A red and white checkmark will appear on the pin you’ve selected.

Hit “Delete”. 

A message will pop up asking if you’re sure you want to delete this pin. 

Hit “Delete”

The pin may still appear in your board until you refresh the board, so just click out of your board or conduct a new image search and when you return to your board the image will be gone. 

Sharing Your Boudoir Mood Board With Your Photographer

You’ll want to share your mood board with your photographer a week or so before your shoot so they can prepare themselves for your shoot based on the images you’ve collected. 

A phone call, Facetime or Skype conversation will most likely take place so the two of you can discuss the mood, tone, and style of your shoot.

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How To Share Your Mood Board With Your Photographer

Open Pinterest and tap your account icon in the lower right corner.

Select “Boards” from the menu row at the top.

Select/open your boudoir mood board by tapping on it.

Tap on the “+” sign under the name of your board near the top (next to your account icon).

Choose how you’d like to share (or invite) to your board by selecting email, text message, messenger, etc.

Fill in your photographer’s email or phone number (if by text message) and send it off.

Your photographer will receive a link to your board they can click on to instantly see your Pinterest board. 

The Convenience of a Pinterest Mood Board

As you can see, having a collection of images handy on your phone that you can share and show your photographer is a huge convenience. It’s a great way for you to decide how you want your images to look and feel in general 

Now, I’m assuming you picked your photographer in large part on the style of their images to begin with. Don’t expect this board you’ve created to be exactly what you’re going to end up with. 

It merely serves as a guide and inspiration for your photographer to steer your session in a certain direction within that photographer’s own style and skill set. 

If the images you’ve pinned to your board are radically different from anything you’ve seen on your photographer’s website, you need to find out if your photographer is not only capable of delivering what you’re after, but also willing… since it’s such a departure from what they normally do. 

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I hope this article has been helpful in creating your own Pinterest mood board. Now get out there and start pinning!

And remember…

“Sometimes later becomes never. Do it now.”

Thanks for your time!

Charles Mitri


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