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My 3 Key Ingredients For A Successful Boudoir Shoot

The number one concern women have about getting a boudoir shoot is that they’re not going to like how they look in their images, and they’ll have wasted their money.

Getting bad images is one thing, but having to pay a lot of money for them just makes the experience that much worse… and no one wants that.

Below are my 3 key ingredients for a successful boudoir shoot that assures me the woman is going to love her images.

1. Understand Her Body Preferences and Areas of Concern

When a woman contacts me to schedule a shoot or for just more information, at some point in the conversation she’ll start to share with me areas of concern she has with her body.

She may feel self-conscious that she’s not at her ideal weight, that her stomach isn’t quite the same after having children, or concerns about cellulite.

At this point I’ll ask her…

“Are there areas you’d like to emphasize and areas you’d like to de-emphasize in your shoot?”

I let her know there are ways to address her concerns by choosing the right outfits, the right poses, and using the right kind of lighting that will flatter her instead of draw attention to areas she’s not crazy about or still working on.

I tell her that sharing this information gives me a strategy for planning her shoot. I can now advise her on what outfits to bring, and choose poses and lighting that will flatter her most.

Once she realizes her concerns can be addressed in a way that will produce a positive outcome for her, I get a sense of relief from her because she no longer needs to worry about what was holding her back from scheduling a shoot before.

This allows me to give her what she ultimately wants, which are images of herself that she’ll love

2. Pick The Right Poses For Each Individual Woman 

Women come in all shapes and sizes and every woman does not look good in every pose. There are some poses you will look better in than others depending on your body type.

Some poses will flatter your form while others won’t. 

Knowing what you want to emphasize and de-emphasize will affect my decision in choosing what poses to use for your particular shoot.

Posing is a critical part of a boudoir session and doesn’t happen randomly. I guide each woman into every pose to make sure her feminine form is being expressed to its full potential

3. Choose The Right Outfits 

Richmond Boudoir

Some intimate apparel can have a slimming effect by how it’s designed, while others can make you look shorter and bigger than you actually are.

You want to be strategic with your outfit choices and that’s something I help you with well before your session. You also want to make sure your outfits fit properly, which should be comfortably snug

If you have areas you want to emphasize, certain outfits will work better than others, and if you have areas you want to de-emphasize, other outfits will work better for that as well.

Color and texture are also taken into account so there’s proper contrast and complementary coordination happening with your skin tone, hair color, and eye color. 

I probably take color into consideration more than any other boudoir photographer I know of because I’m not just picking colors based on your skin tone and hair color but also how they fit into the overall color palette of the space you’ll be photographed in. 


Having these three key ingredients working together not only assures you that your concerns are being addressed but also gives you a lot more confidence going into the shoot. 

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