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Plus Size Boudoir Outfits That Make You Look Thinner

If you’re a plus-size woman and you’re looking to do a boudoir shoot and you need some ideas on what type of outfits will make you appear more slender, well… you’ve come to the right place.

I realize that some plus-size women out there would like boudoir outfits that will make you look more slender. I know there’s a lot of interest on this topic because I’ve written similar articles around this subject before and they are my most read articles.

Plus size boudoir in kimono robe
Kimono / robe

So, what are some plus size boudoir outfits that make you look thinner? In short, they are:

  1. Teddy
  2. Babydoll
  3. Slip
  4. Kimono/Robe
  5. V-necks
  6. Bustier/Corset
  7. Bodysuit

We’re going to explore each of these in detail and I’ll explain just how they help plus-size women look more slender.

But first…

Who am I and why should you even listen to me?

Plus Size Swimwear White Yandy

My name is Charles Mitri and I’m a professional boudoir photographer in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. 

I not only shoot boudoir but I research and write about every aspect of boudoir extensively on my boudoir educational website which is separate from my boudoir photography website (the one you’re on now reading this article, Bella Mitri Boudoir).

Through the course of photographing, post-processing, printing, researching, studying, and writing about all aspects of boudoir I’ve gotten a pretty good perspective on the topic.

So, ready to get started? 


First, some general guidelines with regard to lingerie and intimate apparel that has a slenderizing effect on plus-size women. 

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Why One-Piece Outfits Work Better Than Two-Piece Outfits

The reason one-piece outfits work better than two-piece outfits is because they avoid the “horizontal stripes” rule.

As you may have already heard, wearing anything with horizontal stripes will make you look wider or bigger. One-piece outfits conceal the bare areas that a two-piece outfit exposes. 

For example, wearing a bra with bottoms (a two-piece combo) will resemble horizontal stripes (which we want to avoid). The stripes being the exposed skin above the chest (the décolletage as the French call it), then the color of the bra, then the skin of the torso, then the color of the bottoms, then the skin of the thighs.

One-piece boudoir outfits eliminate this horizontal striping and gives the plus-size woman the appearance of a longer and slimmer frame. 

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The Other Advantage

The other advantage a one-piece outfit provides is that it conceals any cinching or puckering of flesh that may occur wearing a two-piece outfit. Problem areas being the bottom of the bra, top of the waistband, and leg openings. 

A one-piece eliminates two out of three of those areas and provides a smooth covering and continuous flowing line of the female figure. 

Some one-piece boudoir outfits:






Take Off Your Socks, Please!

I’ve seen boudoir images where the plus-size subject is wearing socks, and not just any socks but gym socks. Yikes! Okay, that’s cool if you’re going for a casual sporty look but doesn’t really work if you’re trying to slenderize yourself.

Socks in general make your legs look shorter because they cut off the line of the leg that could extend further down to the tips of the toes.

Not wearing socks will make your legs look longer, and wearing socks will definitely make your legs look shorter — and we don’t want that. In fact, we want the opposite of that. So keep the socks in the sock drawer… under lock and key! (unless you’re going for that locker room look)

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Point Your Toes

Pointing your toes isn’t an outfit, but it does tie into the above “sock” topic. Point your toes whenever appropriate to lengthen the leg line even more. That will make your legs look even looooonger.


If you have a choice between a straight, curved, or V-shaped neckline, go with the V-neck. It will give you the illusion of a more narrow and slenderizing torso. The slanted lines of the V-neck work to your advantage in creating a longer upper body, and the longer the “V”, the more effect it delivers.

An example of a long V-neck would be a robe or kimono with a sash tie. You can adjust the opening to whatever length you like.

Other outfits that could have a V-neck are:


Bustier (and I’ll get into why I consider that a one-piece item in a minute)



The Bustier and Corset — One-Piece or Two?

The bustier and corset, from their design alone, are really one part of a two-piece outfit, but when used in conjunction with the appropriate bottoms can create the appearance of a one-piece.

The reason for this is because the coverage a bustier and corset provide, along with bottoms, covers practically the entire mid-section of a woman. The gap, if any, between the bottom of the bustier (or corset) and the top of her bottoms is so slight that the horizontal stripe rule doesn’t apply — and in many instances there will be an overlap so there will be no gap.

Breaking News!

“We interrupt this article to bring you a special bonus posing tip!

Hands On Hips

When posing with hands on hips, slide your hands around more to the front so they cover more of your lower stomach. This will slim your look more than if you keep them on the sides of your body directly.

“Now, back to our regularly scheduled article.”

Slimming boudoir outfits

The Slip

The slip is kind of a forgotten article of clothing when it comes to boudoir, but if you want to take this slenderizing thing to the next level, a slip can take you there.

Almost like a slinky dress, the length of a slip (either thigh high or full-length) will visually elongate your body and provide smooth sinewy curves to the outline of your figure.

The Bodysuit

Taking it up to yet another level, a stretchy form-fitting bodysuit is still another option. These are becoming more and more popular lately, especially with more fashion lines marketing their “shapewear”. These one-piece undergarments will keep everything tight and smooth but you’re limited as to the kind of lingerie you wear over it, which needs to hide your secret weapon underneath.

Places to Shop Online

If you’re looking to buy some plus-size boudoir outfits, or just lingerie in general, then check out these online stores. 

Bare Necessities

Thanks for your time!

If you found this article helpful, please forward it to someone it may also benefit.

Charles Mitri

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