Lingerie that hides body fat

Plus Size Lingerie That Hides Body Fat

As a boudoir photographer I’m constantly being asked by clients what outfits they should bring to their session. One of the questions I ask is if they have any areas they want to emphasize or de-emphasize. Parts of their body they want to de-emphasize usually concern body fat. 

In this article, we’re going to explore a variety of lingerie that hides body fat while still looking stylish and sexy, but also some unconventional ways to achieve that same effect you may not have thought of.

Lingerie That Hides A Big Stomach

One of the most popular areas women want to conceal is their stomach, and there are many lingerie outfits that do a good job at doing just that. 

The Baby Doll

The baby doll is a short loose-fitting nightie that cinches just below the bust line or hangs loosely from top to bottom usually with thin shoulder straps. It’s shape is defined not so much by your form underneath, but by the billowy design of the garment itself. Its overall characteristic portrays innocence and purity.

Baby dolls originated during the second World War as a way to save material during fabric shortages and was coined by the 1956 movie “Baby Doll” whose lead actress wears one playing a 17 year-old-nymphet. The movie’s caption read, “As sweet as honey… as sweet as sin.”


A close relative to the baby doll is a chemise, which means shirt in French, and was what the modern shirt originated from. Resembling a slip, it features bare shoulders and hangs down loosely with thin straps like a dress. It’s what is most often associated with being a nightgown, offering full coverage for your mid-section and upper thighs. 


A teddy is a one-piece garment that covers the torso, and is fashioned much like a one-piece swim suit. Teddies come in all sorts of styles from ultra skimpy and see-through to opaque with full coverage and everything in between. 


Similar to a teddy is the bustier. While providing coverage to your stomach area, a bustier’s top portion will more resemble the shape of a bra and is designed to accentuate your waist more.


Fashioned like the teddy and bustier, a corset not only hides your stomach, but will actually make it appear smaller from its cinching from hook and eye fasteners or intense lacing. Corsets were shapewear before there was Spandex.


A romper consists of a short-sleeve top with attached shorts and commonly features a plunging neckline. Not as billowy as a Baby Doll, a romper offers coverage for your stomach while keeping your arms and legs bare.


A camisole (or cami as it’s often referred to) is either a form-fitting or loose fitting sleeveless top with spaghetti straps. Paired with a matching set of shorts as sleepwear or just a sexy pair of bottoms, a camisole is a casual but sexy way to hide your stomach. 

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Body Stocking

A bit more daring and form-fitting is a body stocking. Its effect lies in not necessarily concealing your form but in distracting your eye with full-body intricate designs. Body stockings come in all sizes and styles from simple and sheer to outrageously elaborate. 

I have to say that body stockings are becoming more popular and it’s the one piece of lingerie that designers are being the most creative with, probably because they have so much to work with. 

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Boudoir outfits that hide your stomach

Sexy Robe

One simple and stylish solution to hide your stomach is to slip on a sexy robe. Whether solid or sheer, a robe offers you the option to cinch at the waist or hang open, giving others a tantalizing peek. 

With many stopping mid-thigh or higher, a robe provides coverage where needed while still allowing you to show off your legs.

A sexy robe is one of my favorite garments to photograph women in because of its versatility.

Lingerie That Hides Large Arms

If you’re worried about your arms looking too big — don’t. 

There are a couple of options you can choose from which we’ll dive into now.

Bare Necessities

A Sexy Robe

Along with concealing your mid-section, a robe (or kimono) is also good for covering up your arms. 

Many come with long sleeves that will flatter any woman regardless of their size.

Sleep Shirt

A sleep shirt is an oversized shirt with long sleeves designed for sleeping. Many come with a buttoned front so you can vary how revealing you want it to be.

Lingerie That Hides Large Thighs


An area many women feel self-conscious about and would like to de-emphasize in their boudoir shoot. Fortunately, there are many options to choose from.

Thigh-High Stockings

Thigh-high stockings can be worn to cover up thighs you’re not feeling that great about at the moment, and come in many fancy designs that grab your attention. 

Paired with a garter belt and bottoms, you’ll have plenty of coverage while still allowing small sections of skin to show through. 

Body Stocking

The body stocking is not only good for covering up the stomach, but also helpful in concealing thighs. Being a one-piece not only provides full-body coverage but adds a slimming effect as well.

Boudoir image of black woman in body fishnet body stocking


Tights are another option. If you’re looking for something simple that hides both the stomach and thighs in one, a stylish pair of tights will serve you well.

Chemise (paired with thigh-highs)

Chemises usually come down to about mid-thigh so paired with thigh-high stockings you’ll practically have full coverage.


Kimonos are usually not see-through but fashioned more like a traditional robe. They’ll provide good coverage for your thighs (and mid-section as well).

Bare Necessities

Lingerie That Hides Large Legs & Calves

Everything mentioned for thighs also works for legs and calves.

With robes or kimonos, you’ll obviously want them long enough to conceal the lower portion of your legs.


Depending on your fashion sense, a pair of long black boots is not only effective but adds a unique flair to your shoot. 

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Lingerie That Hides A Large Butt

Robe / Kimono

Body Stocking


Sleep Shirt


Lingerie That Hides Your Back

Robe / Kimono

Body Stocking

Sleep Shirt

Going Unconventional

Bed Sheet

A lot of women do implied nudity using a bed sheet. With nothing on, they’ll use a sheet to strategically conceal parts of their body they don’t want exposed. 


You could also do the same with a pillow, although it would probably work best hugging it in front to hide your mid-section.

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