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Six Unique and Naughty Boudoir Accessories

Aside from your sexy boudoir outfits, a boudoir shoot can be embellished with a few key accessories that can flavor the look of your images. In this article we’re going to explore six unique and naughty boudoir accessories you can use to add a bit of variety to your shoot.

Unique and Naughty Boudoir Accessory Quick Guide

  1. sexy mask
  2. stilettos
  3. hand fan
  4. French lace bridal gloves
  5. fedora
  6. fishnet stockings or tights

1.  A Sexy Mask

Masks are interesting because although they hide the identity of the person wearing them, they also reveal someone’s true self. They allow someone to make public a side of themselves that normally isn’t revealed. 

In other words, masks allow people to be who they really are. Strange how that works, isn’t it?

Venetian Masquerade Mask

Boudoir accessory black masquerade mask

The kind of mask I’m referring to here is of the Venetian masquerade-type. These masks cover just the upper portion of the face around the eyes.

They work great because many of them have intricate lace designs that match the lacy designs of lingerie. They’re almost like lingerie for your face… which, I admit, sounds weird. 

But think about it, lingerie lets you see and not see what’s underneath. It’s a tease, much like these masks are. So, I guess it makes sense after all. 

(Although marketing them as “lingerie for your face” probably wouldn’t work out so well.)

Sexy Kitty Mask

Kitty cat masquerade mask

The other style of mask that can be used is the sexy kitty mask. Also mainly covering the eyes, this mask is fashioned to resemble a cat, with little cat ears, fur, and even whiskers at times. 

From playful to naughty to down right dangerous, the sexy kitty mask can cover a lot of ground depending on the context in which it is used. 

Combined with an innocent babydoll nightie, the kitty mask is playful and perhaps a bit naughty, but used to accessorize fishnet stockings, garter belt, and bustier, this kitty mask can complete the “uniform” of a super sexy superhero. 

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2.  Stilettos

Red felt stilettos

Stilettos are the high-octane of high heels. 

They combine sex and power in one punch and much like a loaded gun that can be resting on a nightstand or pointed right at you, stilettos can have the same varying effect. 

Stilettos come into their full power when they’re being worn by a woman standing in a symmetrical masculine pose, head-on with feet spread wide, legs in an inverted V shape. 

This is the loaded gun position with the barrel aimed right between the eyes. 

It is the power, sex, and “I’m in charge” look that demands respect. It’s the dominatrix in you coming out. 

They elongate the legs and force you to straighten up and stand tall since they shift your center of gravity, and by the way, make your calves look killer.

3. Hand Fan

Floral hand fan

Much like a mask, the fan conceals the lower portion of a woman’s face, allowing her eyes to flirt coquettishly with whomever strikes her fancy.

Used in boudoir in the same fashion, this will draw attention to one’s eyes to the fourth power (if you remember your high school algebra).

You don’t see a lot of fans nowadays, especially in boudoir, and that’s what makes it so unique. It stands out and reminds us of a more innocent era and of the courtship ritual that begins with a gaze across a room while hiding the blushing cheeks of the woman who sent it. 

It’s modest, flirtatious, and nostalgic all rolled into one simple accessory that can be used to great affect.

Fans have a sign language all their own and for a fascinating read I suggest you check out this article, Mystique of the Fan.  

Used in boudoir, a black lacy fan will complement a black bra and bottom set, while a white lacy fan can be used as startling contrast to someone with dark skin. 

My creative juices are bubbling just thinking of the possibilities. 

Implied Nudity Using The Hand Fan

Most implied nudity shots in boudoir are when the woman hides behind a bed sheet or lies on her stomach to conceal her not-rated-for-PG parts. 

Just think of the possibilities one could come up with if posing implied nudity with one or two fans?

Instead of the cliched shot of a woman’s arms awkwardly hiding her breasts, she now has an elegant fan to hold gracefully in front of her, in just the right spot. 

4. French Lace Bridal Gloves

Gloves used to be a standard fashion item for women for decades but then fell out of favor once the seventies rolled around.

Like the hand fan, they are such a novelty now that any boudoir image that uses gloves is strikingly original. 

A modern update to the glove is the French Lace bridal glove suitable for both weddings and boudoir. 

More wrist adornment than actual glove, the French Lace bridal glove is fingerless, save for a ring that slips over the middle finger to keep the article in place.

It resembles the more intricate design of henna than any glove design we’re used to seeing.

It’s an accessory in the truest sense of the word and can add an exotic flair to any woman’s boudoir outfit. 

5. Fedora

Woman in a fedora

A fedora is a wide-brimmed hat with an indented crown worn by both men and women during mostly the first half of the twentieth century.

Originally made popular by actress Sarah Bernhardt in a play called Fedora in 1889, it later became a symbol for the women’s rights movement around the turn of the century. 

In doing research for this I had no idea the fedora was originally a women’s hat that later men adopted since it is so closely associated with men and gangster films of the ‘30s and ‘40s. 

Like the masquerade mask or hand fan, the fedora can be used to conceal the face by using the shadow cast by its wide brim or, like donning a man’s dress shirt, used to imply a sexy rendezvous with her man.

It’s also an interesting juxtaposition of male and female with the feminine lingerie contrasting with the more masculine fedora. 

Like stilettos, the fedora is a symbol of masculinity and power and when used in creative ways in a boudoir shoot can have the viewer guessing what exactly the image is trying to say. 

6. Thigh High Stockings With Garter Belt

Thigh high stockings come in many different styles but the most common have a fine mesh stocking with a lacy design at the top. This top part can contain silicon which keeps the stockings in place without the puckering effect that an elastic band can cause (which is a plus for a boudoir shoot).

Sheer Thigh High with Stay-up Silicone Lace Top!


Fishnet stockings

Another style of stocking is the fishnet. Instead of fine mesh you have a larger netting type pattern for a different look and feel. While the mesh gives you a more refined and softer look, the larger fishnet design makes a more aggressive and bold statement. 

I like to think of fine mesh stockings as classical music, while fishnets are more rock ’n roll.

The Garter Belt

Woman in garter belt and thigh-high fishnet stockings

An accessory to thigh-highs is, of course, the garter belt. Nothing screams “lingerie” louder than this lethal combination.

Both functional and stylish, garter belts serve as sexy suspenders to keep your stockings from slipping down. 

Together with matching bra and bottoms, the thigh-high stockings and garter belt are the one-two punch of lingerie accessories. Shop! for a wide selection.

Fishnet Tights

Fishnet tights

A close cousin to fishnet stockings is fishnet tights. 

The only difference is the fishnetting does’t stop at the thigh, but continues up over the booty stopping only when they reach your waist.

A different look for sure. The effect is that of wearing invisible pants and being able to see the sexy bottoms you have on underneath.


So, these are six unique and naughty boudoir accessories that can liven up any outfit for a boudoir shoot.

A sexy mask


A hand fan

French lace bridal gloves

A fedora

Thigh-high stockings with garter belt

Fishnet tights

Wait a minute… is that seven? Did an accessory sneak onto my list without me noticing?

I think it was the fishnet tights. They’re sneaky and known to slip into people’s articles on boudoir accessories. I think they like the attention, so I’ll let ‘em stay… this time!

If you’d like more information on experiencing a boudoir shoot at Bella Mitri Boudoir, you can contact me through my Connect Page.

Thanks for your time!

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