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The 6 Mental Stages of Getting A Boudoir Shoot

What to expect before, during, and after your session

Sarah Rogers / Charles Mitri

Stage 1 — Wishful Thinking

“I’d love to someday… but I could never!”

This is the stage most women are currently at. It’s where you’ve considered inquiring… or maybe already have, but you’ve never gone through it. 

You’ve see others do it, maybe even a friend, but you try to imagine yourself doing it and you think “there’s no way”. 

That’s normal.

Feeling like you can’t pull it off or saying to yourself, “I’d never look like that” is just one of several emotional states you’ll go through, but if you can push past the self doubt and move through to the next stage, you won’t regret it!

Maybe your hesitation has to do with the cost… I understand that.

It can be hard to justify spending money on yourself in this fashion. You have other priorities, perhaps children, that always come first… but putting value on yourself, and making yourself a priority every now and than may be just what you need to give yourself that boost of confidence that’s been missing recently.

Which is why I’ve come up with several ways for anyone who wants this experience, to be able to afford it. Please reach out for additional information on interest-free payment plans you can pay off in 4 to 6 months.

Stage 2Burst of Spontaneity 

“If she can do it, then so can I!”

This is the stage where you let go of self doubt in a moment of spontaneity and take that leap of faith. Maybe a friend finally talked you into it, your partner encouraged you to give it a shot, or something within you crossed over.

Whatever it was that finally gave you the courage, a switch has been flipped and you’re going for it. Your heart is pounding, your palms are sweaty, but you’re excited about this new adventure you’re about to embark on.

Remember that feeling. It’ll come in handy through the next stages.

Stage 3Fear 

“Holy crap, what did I just do?!”

Perhaps your excitement lasted a week, perhaps an hour… either way, you’re probably scared and freaking out wondering what you got yourself into.

You’re frantic, searching for a way out, an EJECT button, a reschedule… in like five years. Whatever you can do to get out of it, you’re trying because there’s no way you can go through with this now.

Again, that’s normal.

Know that you can reach out and let me know how you’re feeling anytime because it allows me to help you work through these very normal and common emotions.

Stage 4 — Preparation

This is the stage where you’ve accepted that you’re going through with it, and you won’t let yourself back out.

It’s now or never and you’re READY… except you’re not. Use this time to go over my pre-session prep email. It’s full of great information and will answer all your questions. 

Having actions and tasks to complete will put you in motion to truly prepare for your session. You’re also welcome to reach out and chat with me about anything you feel you need to discuss further.

I’m happy to help.

Stage 5  — Nerves

Yup, sorry to tell ya’… but you’ll probably get nervous again the day before and day of your session. Again, that’s normal.

Most clients walk through the door and the first words out of their mouth are “Oh my god, I’m so nervous.”

I’m actually surprised when clients aren’t a ball of nerves but to be honest, I love it because I know there’s a transformation coming soon. I know you’ll eventually relax, start to feel more comfortable, and even begin to enjoy yourself. Imagine that!

At the end, you’ll wonder why you were ever so nervous in the first place.

I’ll guide you every step of the way where you’re never left to figure anything out on your own. From choosing outfits that flatter you, to posing, you’ll be able to see images on the back of my camera right from the start, so you feel comfortable knowing we’re capturing incredible shots.

Stage 6  — Confidence

Sounds cliche, but you really are going to feel like a whole new person. Better yet, you’ll feel like the most confident version of you.

One of my favorite moments, and one reason I love doing this, is watching you see yourself in a whole new light.

The emotions that come and go after your boudoir session will be a mix of things, because no one feels amazing about their body or life every single day. But I hope the confidence you get from your session lasts and on those hard days you can look back at your photos and remember the journey you went through to get to the other side and I hope you’re proud of yourself.

Just remember, everything you want is outside your comfort zone.

It’s now your turn, you can do this!

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