What To Expect In Your First Boudoir Shoot

What To Expect In Your First Boudoir Shoot

If you’ve never experienced a boudoir shoot before you’ll probably go through a wide range of emotions. In the following article, I’ll described to you the journey you’ll most likely go on — and it’s totally normal!

Expect To Be a Little Nervous

It’s only normal to be a little nervous the day of your session. You may feel a few butterflies in your stomach as you pack up your outfits, on your drive to the studio, and when you arrive.

If that’s the case, it may help to tell your photographer how you feel. They will most likely acknowledge that it’s totally normal to feel this way and just getting it out there will help you as well.

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Going Through Hair and Makeup

Most boudoir sessions will include hair and makeup and that will need to be taken care of first before any cameras start clickin’. 

In most cases it will be done by the same person and you’ll have plenty of time to get comfy and settle in to your surroundings. 

The photographer will discuss with you and the makeup artist what’ll work best with your hair and makeup and you’ll have plenty of input as well. 

This is also when the photographer will go over with you how the shoot is going to unfold so you know what to expect. 

Picking Out Your First Outfit

Once hair and makeup is done, it’s time to pick out your first outfit. I usually have my clients lay everything out they’ve brought on a table or hang on a rack so everything can be easily seen and allows for quick matching up of items. 

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Your First Series of Shots

Once you’ve changed and emerged from the dressing area, you may feel a little self-conscious, which again, is totally normal. After all, even though you’ve talked with the photographer over the phone and maybe even met with them in person, they’re still pretty much a stranger to you and you’re standing around in intimate apparel. 

That’s probably something that doesn’t happen everyday in your life, but rest assured, that feeling will soon diminish. 

Whatever pose or spot in the studio the photographer has chosen as the first set up, more than likely you’ll be feeling a bit awkward now, especially if you’ve never “modeled” before or worked with a professional photographer. 

Just follow their direction and trust they know what they’re doing. 

For a lot of boudoir photographers, this first sequence is getting the client used to being in front of the camera and just getting them warmed up to the process, so allow yourself some time to get into the rhythm of things.

It’s also a time for the photographer to fine tune the settings on their camera. You see, every client is different because of their skin tone, hair color, and color of outfit, and depending on what time of day it is will determine how bright the sun is, or maybe it’s overcast.

This first series of shots allows the photographer to adjust for these variations and whatever the light is doing on that particular day.

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Seeing Your First Few Images

Before long, the photographer is going to show you a few images from the back of their camera… good ones, not the ones where they were still dialing in their settings and getting the exposure right, but ones they want to show you.

This will change everything… because you’ll see just how amazing you can look and you may even be shocked that that’s even you. 

This will give you a huge boost in confidence and you’ll be like, “Okay, let’s do this!”

Starting to Relax and Have Fun

At this point, your guard will come down quite a bit and you’ll start to trust the process and also yourself. You’re going to loosen up and getting into poses will be faster and easier, as well as taking direction. 

New Set Up, New Outfit

After those first few sequences of just getting used to the process, it will be time for either a new location or a new outfit, or maybe both! 

You’ll change into your second outfit that’s be pre-selected ahead of time or you’ll both choose one at that moment, and you’ll go change. 

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Keep This Motor Running!

When you’ve emerged in your second outfit, you’ll probably have seen enough images from the back of the camera to be feeling pretty good and you’ll be eager to start the next set up. 

You may really start to get into it at this point and all those fears and hesitations you had at the beginning will have vanished because you now know that your pictures are going to look amazing and you’re now fully committed!

Working As a Team

The two of you are now working together to achieve one goal — to make you look amazing in your images.

You’re working together as a creative team!

Post Shoot


That was work but also a lot of fun!

You realize the fear and apprehension you had existed only in your head and you’re proud of yourself for having the courage to step outside your comfort zone and experience something new.

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Anxious Anticipation

When it’s all over, you get dressed, pack up all your stuff, and reflect back on what an awesome time you had. 

You’re now anxious with anticipation to see all the photos and you can’t wait.

Whether your image reveal happens that same day or at another time, you feel you’ve grown. 

You leave with a renewed sense of confidence and appreciation for yourself, and can’t wait to share your boudoir images with your significant other, close friend, or perhaps with just you. 

Wrapping It All Up

In short, if you’ve scheduled a boudoir shoot for the very first time, you can expect to go on an emotional roller-coaster. You’ll experience everything from fear, apprehension, and self-doubt to a newfound sense of confidence, fun, and exhilaration. 

It’s a bit like your first kiss, when you’re not sure what to expect and you’re fraught with nervous energy but you know if you can push past your fear that it’ll all be worth it in the end. 

And it is!

Thanks for your time!

And remember…

“Courage is a kind of salvation.” — Plato

Charles Mitri

Visit www.BellaMitriBoudoir.com

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